Our Approach

To give men and women a place to hang out without being told what they can or can not see.

An old school type site where no one is being watched or monitored because we are adults.

The ones that can't act like adults will be banished and not allowed to return.  The only monitoring we plan to do is for assholes and crybabies.

Well if you have taken the time to read the pages before this you know what we want to do. Be sure and stay tuned as to how we do it. We are not perfect but we are working on making a good place to have fun.

We plan to offer a place where all mechanical old school guys and gals can see the things they want.

That allow other photographers to share their sexy images.  Plus we do best of the net.  That is a R rated group for the hottest photos of women and wheels, the internet has to offer.

Now if you like what we are doing , you can help support the site by joining us on pateron .

Now keep in mind, not every girl shows it all.

Now by you joining us on pateron, you will be supporting our effort to run this old school free site as well as getting to see all the behind the scene photos and videos the ladies shot with us.

hotrodbabez on pateron

For the last three years as we worked on this idea,  thru our group on another social media site.  We listened to you guys. and we get it.  we too are tired of seeing the fancy models.  so we worked to bring you more of the girl next door types that you guys asked for.  the type you would see in the grocery store or at the shows.

So we catered this site for just that. now their are a few drop dead gorgeous ladies as well.  We do not edit the images with Photoshop. We simple pick thru them for the best ones and post them for you to see.

We will always give free preveiws on motorheadmen.com

On pateron you get to see all the ladies as we release the photos from the shoots.  Again most are tasteful nude photos with cool old stuff.  we have shot with cars, tractors, bikes and even old cranes.

Our Story

More to come